Mostly, I don't understand why David Tennant had to announce so soon that he was leaving.  There's a year to go with him still!  All the advance notice does is ramp up the fandom wank and angst.  I would much rather the whole thing have been a surprise. As it is, he's rather a lame-duck Doctor now, isn't he, with the Doctor-elect waiting in the wings?

As to the announced Eleven, I understand the disappointment at having another white male Doctor, but done is done, so let's move on.

I have no idea what kind of actor this Matt Smith is, but I don't see his youth per se as a problem.  The Doctor isn't really young, no matter how he looks.  That's my only concern.  Is he a good enough actor to fill out 900 odd years of experience?  I'm reminded of how well Peter Wingfield did playing Methos on Highlander.  I really believed there was layer upon layer to his personality.  Twenty six isn't that young, and I'm willing to give the producers the benefit of the doubt on the casting choice, so let's just wait and see with hopefull optimism. :)

As a Jack/Doctor shipper, I also think it could be interesting.  (Unlike another prominent companion who shall remain nameless) Jack really gets the Doctor, including that who he is, isn't his looks (pretty though they tend to be).  Love the Doctor, love the packaging.  He'd love the Doctor if he had twelve noses and no head.

Again the age thing isn't really an issue.  The Doctor is older than Jack (unless you count the 2,000 years under ground, but that gets confusing), and I can't see Jack being put off by the Doctor looking young.  How into Rose was he, and she was only 19?  Ianto is a wee bairn, too.  Estelle was what, 16, 17?  Not an issue.  I'm looking forward to Jack and Eleven meeting - I'm sure there will be leering involved! 

But let's try to enjoy Ten for as long as we have him! 


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