joolz: (gate)
( Apr. 11th, 2008 08:53 pm)
Torchwood meet-up tomorrow in NYC!  I've been working way too much lately, longer and longer hours, but tomorrow will be play time and beer!

In other news, The Things We Do has been nominated for yet another award.  This is an old story from way back when I was still writing het, but it keeps being consistently nominated over the years (is currently also up for a Stargatefan Award).  I tend to think of it as one person *waves if it's you* who really likes it and goes around nominating it, because I was never aware of it having a particularly large following.   Not complaining at all!  It's especially nice when someone remembers the old fics.  It's just weird because of those three SG-1 Team/Het fics, Unwanted Attention is by far my personal favorite, probably because, though the overtones were there throughout, it moves more in the direction of slash than the others.  *g*

I think this qualifies as good news:  I'm planning to give my notice at work next week.  As scary as the prospect of unemployment in NYC is, it's also exciting to start a new chapter of life!

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