joolz: (TenScrewdriver)
( Feb. 24th, 2008 07:10 pm)
In a major departure from my usual writing style, I now have three stories on the go at the same time:

What Doesn't Kill You:  Jack/Ten
Commercial Properties:  Jack/Ten, sequel to Starting Over
mumble, mumble, cough - as yet untitled:  John/Rodney - owed to my Sweet Charity winner, but with which I am Not Pleased.


Between my hard drive and lj memories I now have in excess of 200 stories saved To Be  Read.  I despair.  I despair of ever getting caught up, and I know there are such good things sitting there waiting for me to enjoy them!


[personal profile] ausmac just turned me on to Primeval, and I swore no more fandoms!

It's totally getting to be time to quit my job and sit at home playing in fandom all day.

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