I'm officially promising myself to not read any more episode reviews.  Oh, it's nice when someone liked the episode and we can share the excitement, but I keep getting blindsided by reviews that turn negative.  Of course, there's probably no episode of any TV show that couldn't be done better (in other words, I would have liked them to do things to suit me), but the point is to *enjoy* our shows!  Otherwise, why bother? 

I don't understand the bitch-fests week after week, gleefully dissecting every flaw.  Because I want to enjoy my shows I use my own patented 'Glasses of Denial'.  Gaping plot holes?  Inconsistencies?  Questionable characterization?  Moments of 'No!  Don't do that!'  Noted and put aside so I can concentrate on Jack's smile or Rodney's woobie face - and the other good stuff.  The 'Glasses of Denial' improve the quality of my life.  ;)

Avoiding reading reviews and episode discussions will mean missing out on the insightful comments that help me appreciate the shows more, but I've been finding that benefit outweighed by how much the negativity/sniping/wank is 'harshing my squee', as it were.  Since folks apparently do get something out of ripping holes in the creative productions nice people have gone to a lot of effort to produce for our entertainment, they should totally go ahead and rip away.  I'm going to opt out, though.

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