This is a lighthearted and sexy look at all the myriad m/m slash pairings in TW/DW. A little something for everyone. ;)

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In case anyone hadn't heard about this, it's the BBC show John Barrowman did looking for a scientific explanation for why he's gay.  I was skeptical at first, but it is in fact awesome.  Trust him not to be involved with anything that isn't!

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LOL so much! Who'd've thought I would agree with Hitler about anything!


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This made me smile very much. :)

Apparently he's now singing this in concert as 'The Doctor and I'.

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I totally can't wait for the new series of TW! This trailer isn't the one with James Marsters, but it's pretty funny, too - the blowfish in the sportscar! LOL I hope they keep up with the humor this series. They're so cute when they're being silly.

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Just had to share this one too, for convenient and frequent re-watching. John Barrowman (looking GOOD!) sings and dances on Strictly Come Dancing. Guh.

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This one actually is Captain Jack, braces and all, singing on the set of Torchwood. (Sort of, I mean I know Jack is a fictional character.) Really, the guy's kind of stunning - and yet geeky at the same time. :)

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Just want to share this: Captain Jack Harkness + one of my all time favorite (yay!) songs.

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