I just love fanfic writers.  They come up with the best shit!

Title:  I Fly
Author:  [livejournal.com profile] salieri 
Pairing:  Matt/John

Summary: So, that's why Matt doesn't point out the Human Fly who is currently stalking them from the rooftop across the street. He figures that they'll lose him at the intersection because, while Matt's seen the Human Fly climb up brick walls, he's never seen him actually, you know, fly.

This is a lighthearted and sexy look at all the myriad m/m slash pairings in TW/DW. A little something for everyone. ;)

(vid by [personal profile] boxoftricks)

New Dawn Fades AU, by  [personal profile] omphalos

Pairing:  Simm!Master/Ten
Set after most of the events of Last of the Time Lords, in a slight AU where the Master was unwillingly saved from death by being force-fed lifeforce by Jack.

I just finished reading this - I admit I got so caught up I spent a couple of hours at work reading when I shouldn't have.  ;)

I'm not a Master/Doctor fan, still am not.  I generally don't read that pairing unless I'm in the mood for the cheap thrill of a violent dark!fic.  I saw a rec for it somewhere, though, about how great it was and decided to give it a try.  There was enough Jack in it to keep me engaged, and it is, really is, a very, very good fic.  And so very long (loves).

I have been and still am struggling with a little Jack/Ten fic for [profile] undermistletoe that should not in any way be compared to the epic masterpiece mentioned above.  Except that the few ideas or turns of phrase that I was particularly pleased with?  They're almost all in [personal profile] omphalos's story, like I lifted them right out.  Especially one part where the Doctor talks about what he sees when he looks at Jack - it's almost word for word.  :(

That's where the lament comes in.  I know there's the great-minds-think-alike thing, and certain situations and relationships in canon lend themselves to similar interpretations, but one does so want to come up with something original in one's fic!  Doctor Who is an old fandom and I'm new to it, so I have no idea what the common tropes are.  It's probably silly to expect originality.  But still... any writer reading this will know what I mean.

I'm not going to change my story because of this.  If we all cut out everything that resembled what someone else had done there wouldn't be many stories out there.  Just - *sigh*

It isn't often that I can say I have a favorite fic in a fandom, and it seems especially unlikely when there are *so many* great Harry Potter stories, but I keep coming back to this one again and again.

Severus and the Crup by Josan is set post-war, where all the magic in Britain was destroyed along with Voldemort.  Severus has settled into self-imposed exile, but takes in an injured ex-magical creature, a Crup.  The little guy gets into his heart the way he would not allow a human to do, and starts an up-and-down healing journey that ends up encompassing the whole wizarding world.

I think this one gets to me so much because I know how furry animals, especially dogs, can get past the best constructed human emotional barriers.  Snape's reactions are very understandable and believable.  And it's an excellently written long story, too!

Fandom:  Harry Potter
Pairing:  HP/SS
Rating:  None given, but NC-17

I wouldn't be surprised if this had been recced everywhere already, but I really enjoyed it and my mind keeps going back to several different parts of it. This is a multi-media piece of nice gen post-McKay and Mrs. Miller work. Her Teyla is wonderful, one of my favorite Teyla renderings so far, I think. All the characterizations are spot on, actually. 

And Madison and Ronon - squee!  (not gonna spoil, you have to read it)

Title: Postcards to Jeannie
Author: [personal profile] sholio
Genre:  Gen
Spoilers:  McKay and Mrs. Miller
Postcards to Jeannie

The temperature is down 25 degrees from yesterday, and it's been raining nicely all afternoon, so it's a perfect day for reading fanfic!

I haven't been reading much SG-1 lately and I'm not sure where I found this.  It was probably recced somewhere else.

by Aelfgyfu
Teamfic, Gen
Description: An attack leaves Daniel unable to communicate normally, Jack’s façade slips ever so slightly, and Sam does some thinking about her friends.

Told from Sam's POV, this brings out the best of Sam and Daniel's relationship - they have so much in common, they're totally good friends and play together, there's none of the Sam vs. Daniel hostility that is part of why I backed away from the SG-1 fandom, and no unpleasant ship.  Aelfgyfu (how is that pronounced?) has really captured Sam, I think.  She's good intentioned, good natured, cares about her friends, and is still slightly oblivious.   I think that's why I like the story the most.

Jack and Daniel are in fine form sniping at each other, and Teal'c throws in his laconic punch-lines.  There's whumping, but Sam's viewpoint in the aftermath makes it feel different from all the other whumping that has gone before. *g*  There was lots in this story that made me laugh, and that's a good thing!  Yay for teamfic!
I just have to rec this story!  It's an SGA AU set in a circus.  Yes, a circus.  Amazingly, it works so, so well.  Slash and Het, the heat and magnetic attraction between the characters is palpable.  It just pulled me in at a gut level.  I don't want to say too much about the story or characters and spoil the discovery, but they are brilliant.  Go!  Read!  Appreciate the gorgeous cover art!

Biggest Ever Sky
by [personal profile] lilysaid and [profile] jchalo
Sheppard / McKay and various other pairings

lj link (3 parts): 
Biggest Ever Sky

Web link:  Biggest Ever Sky
joolz: (Harry)
( Apr. 25th, 2006 11:28 pm)
Just a quick rec.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Hush
Author: Mia Ugly
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Summary: Days are easier; Snape knows this now.


This story has lovely, painful angst - Snape is almost exquisite in his misery. But it's also sweet and hopeful.