I've been thinking about the oddity that is fandom lately, provoked by  being in a novel position in my most recent fandom love, Torchwood/Doctor Who.  [personal profile] karaokegal had some interesting thoughts on it, but I'll clutter my own journal with mine, rather than hers.

Now that the Broadway stage hands strike is over there are all these special offers to get people back into the theaters.  Thus (along with other skillful shopping), I have quite a nice show schedule lined up:

Dec. 16th:  Spamalot
Dec. 20th:  Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular (is there an emoticon for little kicking Rockette legs?)
Dec. 22nd:  *check for standing room tickets for Iphigenie at the Metropolitan Opera*  (crosses fingers) ETA:  YES!  I saw Placido Domingo!
Dec. 30th:  August:   Osage County
Jan 6th:  The Homecoming
Jan. 20th:  Avenue Q
Feb. 17th:  Sunday in the Park with George
Feb. 28th:  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Terrance Howard, James Earl Jones, Phylicia Rashad)
March 9th:  Spring Awakening
March 28th:  Tristane & Isolde at the Metropolitan Opera

Do I win at life, or what!  Yes, I do.  Will this get me through the dark of winter?  Yes, it will.  :)


Taking advantage of the LJ to natter on about my deep (not) thoughts about important (not) TV shows.  Includes  opinions, spoilers and speculations, and a couple of slashy references.

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( Nov. 2nd, 2006 12:28 am)

I’ve been getting all contemplative about writing lately. Like about how my word count for the last couple of months is, oh, zero, and how I feel about that. I’m actually thinking about giving up on fanfic.


That being said, I just signed up for the

[profile] eppescest challenge fic fest, and am thinking about signing up for [profile] undermistletoe , too. Unfortunately, the ideas for stories haven’t died out as much as the motivation to actually write them has! Maybe with a commitment and a deadline I can get something written, and see if it still feels as good as it used to.


In a total tangent, I just got back from a nice chamber music concert. I couldn’t help noticing how erotic I found it to watch those four men playing music together. I’m not a musician but it seemed to take so much trust in and respect for each other- it felt very intimate. And the way they listen to and watch each other as they create this beautiful music. How could they do that and not have a deep connection? I know the connection doesn’t have to be sexual, but that’s where my mind goes. ;)

Of course I’m sitting there enjoying the concert, thinking about how to work that into an SGA fic. (I wish Rodney played the violin, but I could work with the piano…) Ug! It might be too late to give up on fanfic, it’s hard wired into the brain. Or it would at least take some serious discipline.

I've gushed about this Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal before, and lamented that he hasn't been in major American movies so that people will appreciate his wonderfulnes. Well that's changing!

I went to see "The Science of Sleep" which I think is getting some national exposure. It's a bizarre and beautiful and I must say somewhat disturbing movie, and Gael is great in it. I hadn't realized that it was a French movie, though, mostly in English with some French and Spanish as well, so that will probably limit its audience.

BUT! One of the trailers was for a movie coming out later this month - "Babel", in which GGB gets top line billing along with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Finally a major broad-distribution mainstream film

so now everyone can go see what I'm on about!

And from the preview our boy will be looking particularly guapo, too.


Okay, I'll put the squee back in the box for now.  (Can't wait till Oct. 27!)

How fun was that!

I’ve had one of those fanfic things happen and am trying to figure out how to feel about it. I just finished reading a story that had many elements that I’m SURE were inspired by my fic Unwanted Attention. Not just one or two, but A LOT of elements, right down to specific conversations. Not word for word as in plagiarism, but very directly inspired.

I know certain themes crop up repeatedly and it’s hard to read fic without having bits stick with you. It happens all the time to every writer. I recently read a fic by a major writer that had a mirror image of the opening scene from my Worth It, but then it went completely another direction, so I considered that maybe a compliment. Probably a lot of the time we don’t even know we’re doing it. I couldn’t say my own fic is totally free from ‘inspiration’, either.  This was a little much, though. 

 Part of my conflict about it is the type of story it was. I love a nice spot of attempted non-con, where our bubby gets a bit of sexually oriented whumping, as happened to Daniel in Unwanted Attention. This other story, though, went into full-on, kidnapping and repeatedly and graphically raping Daniel, while through the miracle of technology everybody else got to watch.  Gah!  And it was listed as slash, even though the only man on man was Daniel's rape by OMC's.   I probably wouldn’t have read the whole thing (it was LONG) except that I was curious as to whether more familiar things would happen.

And I also don’t know what to do about sending feedback. Despite the subject matter, it wasn’t a badly written story, and I like to send feedback especially when a story is long. But what would I say? Interesting story. I couldn’t help but notice the parallels to my own fic.? I guess the best thing is to say nothing, but that’s not very satisfying, given the situation.

I must repeat to myself : It doesn’t matter. Fanfic is public property. There are way more important things in life. 

It just would have been nice for there to be some acknowledgement of what seems to me more than coincidental inspiration.

Okay, I blame it entirely on [profile] keiko_kirin.  I found her talking about 'The Persuaders' on her journal one day and it brought it all back.

For those who don't know, probably the majority, this is a 1971-72 buddy, crime fighting series with Tony Curtis and Roger Moore as millionaire jet-setters Danny Wilde and Lord Brett Sinclair. 

They're silly, absolutely adorable, and can't keep their hands off each other.   I actually consider this show to have given me my first slash experience, even if I didn't know what it was at the time.  I remember watching when I must have been around eleven years old, and  in one scene Danny had his hand on Brett's chest to keep him from moving while some dialogue is going on, and a shivery tingle went through my whole body.  Didn't remember much more about the show, but that scene stayed with me for over thirty years.  It would take me many, many years to realize that it was a response to homo-eroticism.  

And now [profile] keiko_kirin (thanks for the screencap) reminded me of it, and wrote fic (
The Country Life), and I had to go out and buy the first season on dvd (the second is in my Netflix queue).  Resulting, of course, in a story idea that is being strongly promoted by my muse.  I guess I'll have to write it, even knowing there are probably about ten people in the world who would want to read it.  Hey, maybe it's the start of a 'The Persuaders' revival!  LOL

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( Jul. 19th, 2006 05:51 pm)
I'm so excited I can hardly do anything, can't even keep up with my fanfic reading *gasp*, much less lj posts!  

I have a job interview in New York City and am going this Saturday to Wednesday.  First time to the city and going to interview for a good job *with actual benefits* and I might be moving to *New York City*!   Haven't been this excited about anything in a while, and It's About Time!  

This is the first time in a long time that I'm happy to abandon my fannish interests for real life.  Of course, if I don't like NYC or don't get the job I may need to retreat into my escapism again - it's good to know it will always be there for me. *g*

I don’t usually gush about actors - save that for fanfic – but this time I make an exception.  I’m totally taken with this guy Gael Garcia Bernal.  He’s Mexican, both his parents were successful actors, and boy did he get the talent in spades.  People are talking about him as the next Antonio Banderas, and, yeah.

I first saw him in ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ (which I highly recommend as being a great movie for many reasons) and said, Who IS That!? 


Searching out more by him, I saw ‘La Mala Educacion’, and again, terrific.  I immediately put ‘Y tu mama tambien’ and ‘Amores Perros’ into my Netflix queue, and will probably work my way through all his films.  All his films, and the guy is only 25.

AND, in addition to being muy guapo and a good actor, he’s thoughtful, intelligent, philosophical, and engaged in current events, too, in interviews.  An all around admirable person.

It’s one of the times I’m sorry that the general US audience doesn’t watch foreign film much, because they’re really missing out here.  I’m hoping he’ll be in a mainstream Hollywood film soon, so everyone can start appreciating him.  (He’s already dating Natalie Portman. *g*)

More adorable pictures below the cutline, for those intrigued.  And doesn’t he make a pretty ‘woman’, too?  ;)

Just had a thought of something I wish I'd said in Lost Colony, where Rodney is talking to John about why he's so excited to have Charlie on Atlantis. I wish he'd said:

"I have some of his published papers on my laptop. They're so brilliant it's like reading porn."

Oh, god, I can just see Rodney moaning and orgasming over Charlie's work. (mind stutters)

NOW I think of it! LOL
I've been thinking about sequels to The Lost Colony. It's a gen fic that I always thought of as a set up for the slash fic to follow. That story is much darker and rougher than the first. It's funny, I'm not sure if that will give it more of an audience, or less.  *g*  It will, in any case, be a different audience, to some extent.

I definitely want to do this slash followup, but if I do:

*I wouldn't bring Alan or Larry or anyone else from Numb3rs to Atlantis. It would just make it that much harder for poor Don and Charlie to get together.

*Requests for a sequel have been pretty evenly split between people asking that it be slash and that it be gen (or even het, which, no.). I would feel kind of bad for alienating all those lovely, enthusiastic gen readers.

And on the other hand:

*I do want to bring Alan at least, and possibly Larry (though someone may have to help me write him. Gah!) to Atlantis.

*I'd really like to do something for the gen readers, too. And one person wrote with some great ideas on having a crime committed on Atlantis that Don would investigate. I'm thinking maybe someone could frame Ronon for a murder.... Sounds like fun!

So at this point I'm actually thinking about writing two story streams branching off from The Lost Colony, one gen and one slash. I've never done that, and have rarely seen anyone else do it either. Is it terribly self indulgent and indecisive? But I did go to a lot of trouble to get Don and Charlie to Atlantis. It would be a shame not to take full advantage of it. Using one story to generate two different universes would certainly do that!

Of course, it's kind of a moot point, now. I owe someone two UNCLE stories and really need to get at least one of them done soon. And I have to finish my [profile] reel_sga story (which is about half done, yay!  I was so worried I'd bitten off more than I could chew there.)  And then there are the half dozen fics already started on my hard drive, and the new bunnies wanting attention, and with how long it's taking me to write these days I'll probably only get two or three major stories done the rest of the year.

Anyhow, it's fun to think about.
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( May. 5th, 2006 10:06 pm)
Once again Numb3rs is mirroring my fic ideas. This time it's an 'a gangster is killing FBI agents, and threatens Don's family. Don tries to get Charlie off the case to protect him' fic . Starts out much like what happened in the episode, but as it's a slash story, will go somewhere else entirely.

I'm going to post a bit of it under the cut just for laughs.   

And Don called Charlie 'Chucky'!  I wanted to do that, too.  LOL

Dang, they should just hire me to write for the show, eh?

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( Mar. 4th, 2006 10:48 am)
I really liked last night's episode - didn't catch the name, about FBI infiltration of a peace group in the 70's and a current bomber. There were neat interactions around Alan's past and the FBI. Nice character development all around. And I liked how adamant Don was that the way the FBI guy infiltrated and set up the group was wrong.

The thing is, I had this whole story worked out, another of my 'topical' take the subject from the headlines ones. In it, there are some students at CalSci who are suspected of having terrorist connections. The FBI (not Don's unit) infiltrates a student group to get close to them. (Because they still do that.) Of course Charlie is the group's faculty adviser. Don finds out about the investigation, but isn't privy to the details. He freaks out a bit because 1) he has this info that he isn't allowed to share with Charlie, 2) he feels uncomfortable with the FBI infiltrating the student group and 3) what if Charlie is under observation? He doesn't know what the other FBI agents might have seen in regards to his sexual relationship with Charlie (er, slash, obviously).

Don has to deal with that worry while walking a thin line of conflict of interest at work, and also NOT be with Charlie without telling him why.

Much excitement ensues as some students do turn out to be working with terrorists (though not the ones they suspected). Charlie gets caught in the middle and then Don gets to rescue him. Happy ending.

But NOW, if I write that it would seem derivative of the fine episode on a similar subject. Dang! Well, I suppose I could put an 'I'd already developed this before the ep aired' caveat in the notes, or reference the episode in a 'wow, this is so much like what happened to that peace group' way. It just takes some of the fun out of it when someone else got there first!