Has anyone been following The Fold ?  That zany soft-core, satirical sci-fi web series?

Personally I love the erotic and the silly, and these folks have got it goin' on!

So, this Friday (9/19) they'll be screening The Fold at The Slipper Room in the East Village, followed by the usual burlesque show.  This sounds like an awesome thing, but my 'normal' friends would not be into it.  (It's bad enough I have Doctor Who action figures.)

Would any NYC fens be interested in hanging out among some jiggly fleshy bits this Friday?   It's a long shot, I know, but it could be a fun time!  LOL

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( Apr. 11th, 2008 08:53 pm)
Torchwood meet-up tomorrow in NYC!  I've been working way too much lately, longer and longer hours, but tomorrow will be play time and beer!

In other news, The Things We Do has been nominated for yet another award.  This is an old story from way back when I was still writing het, but it keeps being consistently nominated over the years (is currently also up for a Stargatefan Award).  I tend to think of it as one person *waves if it's you* who really likes it and goes around nominating it, because I was never aware of it having a particularly large following.   Not complaining at all!  It's especially nice when someone remembers the old fics.  It's just weird because of those three SG-1 Team/Het fics, Unwanted Attention is by far my personal favorite, probably because, though the overtones were there throughout, it moves more in the direction of slash than the others.  *g*

I think this qualifies as good news:  I'm planning to give my notice at work next week.  As scary as the prospect of unemployment in NYC is, it's also exciting to start a new chapter of life!
Now that the Broadway stage hands strike is over there are all these special offers to get people back into the theaters.  Thus (along with other skillful shopping), I have quite a nice show schedule lined up:

Dec. 16th:  Spamalot
Dec. 20th:  Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular (is there an emoticon for little kicking Rockette legs?)
Dec. 22nd:  *check for standing room tickets for Iphigenie at the Metropolitan Opera*  (crosses fingers) ETA:  YES!  I saw Placido Domingo!
Dec. 30th:  August:   Osage County
Jan 6th:  The Homecoming
Jan. 20th:  Avenue Q
Feb. 17th:  Sunday in the Park with George
Feb. 28th:  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Terrance Howard, James Earl Jones, Phylicia Rashad)
March 9th:  Spring Awakening
March 28th:  Tristane & Isolde at the Metropolitan Opera

Do I win at life, or what!  Yes, I do.  Will this get me through the dark of winter?  Yes, it will.  :)

Let me say that again, so you can properly take it in.  Die Hard.  The Puppet Musical.

I went to see the first performance today as part of the New York Musical Theater Festival.  I was never a Die Hard fan - I saw it when it first came out and didn't bother seeing it again - but when I noticed this on the schedule, well, how could I resist?  I rented the movie on Netflix to remind myself, and yeah, I could see how it would lend itself to being made into a puppet musical.  It's just so over the top.

And YES!  It's absolutely brilliant!  A human person plays Bruce Willis, but the other characters are played by puppets!  All different sizes, shapes and types, acted (or whatever you call puppet-ing) by very talented people.  All the characters are there, and the non-pc racial, cultural and sexual stereotypes are only slightly more outrageous than in the original.  They've stuck very close to the movie, though they made the front-desk bad guy be madly in love with Carl, for a little homoerotic interest.  ;)

Two of the major musical numbers are called, 'Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfucker', and 'Shoot the Glass'.  *Flails*  I haven't laughed that much in ages.

It will be put on 3 or 4 more times during the festival, so NYC fen, if you can, GO SEE IT!

I also have tickets to 'The Brain from Planet X', and 'Sherlock Holmes:  The Early Years', which apparently includes Holmes/Watson action, amongst others. 

Life is good.
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( Jun. 18th, 2007 10:59 pm)
I've only lived in New York 9 months, but had already fallen into complacency.  While I was first here and looking for a job, I went out every day to explore some new part of the city, but now that I'm working I tend to go directly home and crash.  Maybe go out and about on Sunday.

But now that my sister is here visiting, I've been going out after work every day, and all day when I'm not working.  And I remember again why I love it here!  There's no place more exciting to be in the world (right now, for me).  All the different people to watch, the architecture, the food, the neighborhoods, the parks!  Don't get me started about the parks.

And on Friday I got to go out to dinner and to a Broadway show (Curtains) with [personal profile] ladyraand her sister and brother, and it was so wonderful!  Not just seeing Rari, but being on a street with 10 Broadway theaters in a 2 block stretch, with the streets filled with theater-going people.  All those talented human performances going on behind each building facade.   Then afterward, walking back to the subway at 42nd Street, through Times Square....  I've got it bad.

(I didn't take this picture, found it on the internet, but this is just what it's like)  The lights, the motion, the milling throngs of awed or bored people.  You wouldn't want to live there, but it's a hell of a place to visit!  

I feel so lucky to live in NYC!  I'm back in love again.  Will try not to take it for granted when I'm on my own again.
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( Jun. 3rd, 2007 06:30 pm)
I finally went to see a show that I've been wanting to see for some time.   Spalding Gray - Stories Left to Tell.  I've been something of a Spalding Gray fan for many years - not a real expert, but knowing enough to say, Hey, Spalding Gray, I really like him.  He was an analytical self-observer, which I kind of am, too, but he was sharp and funny and honest.

The show was terrific, and I would like to see it again.  It was taken from his journals and other writings, and its poignancy made me cry.  

There are 4 ongoing cast members, and one role that is taken by guest actors.  I wasn't familiar with the guest actor I saw, but Tuesday Whoopie Goldberg will take the role for 1 benefit performance, then David Boreanaz will do the rest of the week.  When the lights came up today and I had my sniffling under control, I realized that David Boreanaz was sitting not more than 5 feet away from me in the audience.   So celebrity sighting bonus.    I wouldn't mind going to see it again next week when he's acting.
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( Jan. 11th, 2007 09:56 pm)
Yay!  I finally have an apartment.  If anyone has been following the 'Joolz moves to New York City' saga, after 4.5 months I have a job and finally have an apartment.  I move in on Saturday, and then I really will feel like I'm here and a real person, not just staying in the TV room of relatives.  It's been surprisingly good staying here.  I don't know what happened to me to make me want to be in NYC and be around people, when so much of my life has been trying to find the most isolated place possible to live.  (Small island off the west coast of Scotland, little house in the New Mexico desert, anyone?)  If there's one thing that I'm sure of, it's that life is about change.  The more you can embrace it, the better off you are.  So far so good.

This lj is supposed to be about fic and stuff, so on that note I am wondering if getting into my own place will make it any easier to actually write something.  I do have a deadline for an Eppescest challenge fic that's in like three weeks, so maybe I'll be able to focus enough to get it done (it'll be very short if it does happen).  But then I'll have Time Warner cable, high speed internet, my Netflix subscription restarted, the New Yorker magazine, and friggin' NYC to play in.  Could be more than a little distracting.  It's okay with me either way.  As I've said before, there are worse things than being too busy to write fanfic.  ;)
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( Dec. 29th, 2006 07:51 pm)

Back from vacation, finally.  Had a relatively good time with the family - I'm less depressed than usual after a visit, and much less than I would have expected after eight days (without internet access) on a boat with the family . (River barge excursions in Cajun country Loozianna are awesome!)

Less depressed than expected is the good news.  Bad news, sort of, is that cousin Eric and his wife are coming to visit the relatives I've been staying with, and now I'm moved out of the guest room and into the *Storage Room*.  I need to find my own place!  Thought I had one before vacation - Central Park North, and just perfect! - but I didn't get it.  Back to apartment hunting, which is like another full-time job.  I shouldn't whine.  I've had a free place to stay for several months, but I feel stressed!

The other bad  news is that Ivy's Books/Murder Ink is closing.  :(  One of the last few small, independent book stores.  I got Neil Gaiman's American Gods there a few weeks ago and read it on the boat, and was able to get the last copy of the sequel from Murder Ink's shelves.  So sad.  Goodbye nice neighborhood book store!

Non-fanfic, real life related squeeing:

It's official now.  Today was my last day of work, and I'm moving to New York City!  *hyperventilating*

I can stay with my Dad's cousin until I find a job and get an apartment, which makes it SO much easier.  I'll take about a week and a half to get everything packed, go and get settled - however long that takes, then come back here to get my stuff.

2nd cousin Cathy is the only person I know in NYC.  Any suggestions on how to meet fen would be most welcome!

Gosh, life is a trip!  *g*
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( Jul. 19th, 2006 05:51 pm)
I'm so excited I can hardly do anything, can't even keep up with my fanfic reading *gasp*, much less lj posts!  

I have a job interview in New York City and am going this Saturday to Wednesday.  First time to the city and going to interview for a good job *with actual benefits* and I might be moving to *New York City*!   Haven't been this excited about anything in a while, and It's About Time!  

This is the first time in a long time that I'm happy to abandon my fannish interests for real life.  Of course, if I don't like NYC or don't get the job I may need to retreat into my escapism again - it's good to know it will always be there for me. *g*


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