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( Oct. 3rd, 2008 10:30 am)
Came across this great TARDIS gif on tumblr. Thought I'd share.


And this is one I came across that reminded me of Galifreyan script scrolling across the TARDIS' monitor.  (Is it 'you know you watch too much' time?)

This is a lighthearted and sexy look at all the myriad m/m slash pairings in TW/DW. A little something for everyone. ;)

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This made me smile very much. :)

Apparently he's now singing this in concert as 'The Doctor and I'.

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New Dawn Fades AU, by  [personal profile] omphalos

Pairing:  Simm!Master/Ten
Set after most of the events of Last of the Time Lords, in a slight AU where the Master was unwillingly saved from death by being force-fed lifeforce by Jack.

I just finished reading this - I admit I got so caught up I spent a couple of hours at work reading when I shouldn't have.  ;)

I'm not a Master/Doctor fan, still am not.  I generally don't read that pairing unless I'm in the mood for the cheap thrill of a violent dark!fic.  I saw a rec for it somewhere, though, about how great it was and decided to give it a try.  There was enough Jack in it to keep me engaged, and it is, really is, a very, very good fic.  And so very long (loves).

I have been and still am struggling with a little Jack/Ten fic for [profile] undermistletoe that should not in any way be compared to the epic masterpiece mentioned above.  Except that the few ideas or turns of phrase that I was particularly pleased with?  They're almost all in [personal profile] omphalos's story, like I lifted them right out.  Especially one part where the Doctor talks about what he sees when he looks at Jack - it's almost word for word.  :(

That's where the lament comes in.  I know there's the great-minds-think-alike thing, and certain situations and relationships in canon lend themselves to similar interpretations, but one does so want to come up with something original in one's fic!  Doctor Who is an old fandom and I'm new to it, so I have no idea what the common tropes are.  It's probably silly to expect originality.  But still... any writer reading this will know what I mean.

I'm not going to change my story because of this.  If we all cut out everything that resembled what someone else had done there wouldn't be many stories out there.  Just - *sigh*
So I finished the fic for [profile] undermistletoe !  Thank god for having a long Thanksgiving vacation, or it wouldn't have been done.  Now trying to get betas lined up - new fandom and all.

I finally figured out that you can watch complete episodes of Torchwood on You Tube, and spent a couple of days doing a marathon.  (Don't worry, Torchwood Producers.  I'll still buy the DVD's when they come out.) Then I went back and watched the Jack episodes of Doctor Who.  Seeing all that together put a lot of things in perspective for me.

I've added new Jack-centric Doctor Who and Torchwood icons to the Free Icon Giveaway page on my website.

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Here are a few samples:

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( Nov. 7th, 2007 08:20 am)
Panicking!  I just signed up to write a Torchwood story for [profile] undermistletoe.  What was I thinking!  I haven't even seen the damn series yet!  I haven't written anything in a year!  Ack!
Okay, breathe.
What can I say, I was tempted.  Contributing to a community effort that I have enjoyed reading in the past is always nice.  And I certainly have urgent Torchwood stories in my head.  I have read enough fic to have an idea of the characters, if not their real voices, except for Jack.  And the story I have in mind is as much Doctor Who as Torchwood, and that I have seen.  And it only *has* to be 1000 words long - I can do that, right?

OMG what have I done?