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( Apr. 30th, 2008 07:26 pm)
Totally chuffed to have won a Numb3rs Award!  Especially when I get a gorgeous winner's button like this.  Is it amazing, or what?

It's for a Don/Charlie fic, Rhapsody.  Made my day!
All winners here.
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( Apr. 11th, 2008 08:53 pm)
Torchwood meet-up tomorrow in NYC!  I've been working way too much lately, longer and longer hours, but tomorrow will be play time and beer!

In other news, The Things We Do has been nominated for yet another award.  This is an old story from way back when I was still writing het, but it keeps being consistently nominated over the years (is currently also up for a Stargatefan Award).  I tend to think of it as one person *waves if it's you* who really likes it and goes around nominating it, because I was never aware of it having a particularly large following.   Not complaining at all!  It's especially nice when someone remembers the old fics.  It's just weird because of those three SG-1 Team/Het fics, Unwanted Attention is by far my personal favorite, probably because, though the overtones were there throughout, it moves more in the direction of slash than the others.  *g*

I think this qualifies as good news:  I'm planning to give my notice at work next week.  As scary as the prospect of unemployment in NYC is, it's also exciting to start a new chapter of life!
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( Apr. 30th, 2007 10:22 pm)
I don't know when the results were posted, but I just discovered that The Lost Colony won a Numb3rs Award for Best Gen Crossover.  It's especially exciting because though I've had stories nominated for awards many times, none have ever won.  There's a first time for everything - yay!

Stargate Fan Awards nominations were sent yesterday and was I surprised!  4 of mine were nominated, which is great because I write Atlantis now, and there are so many amazing writers in that fandom that I think my stuff doesn't even make a ripple, so I'm chuffed about that.  Two are John/Rodney (Cages and Hail Mary), one is my SGA/Numb3rs gen crossover (The Lost Colony), which is all really nice, and then the surprise:  

Way back years ago when I first started writing fanfic I wrote an SG-1 het series that I considered teamfic with some Sam/Daniel sexiness because, hey, people that gorgeous shouldn't be celibate! *g*  It was one of those that was nominated (
The Things We Do), and not even the best one (Unwanted Attention is still one of my favorite stories!).  It's kind of an out-there 'the alien planet made them do it - again and again' story.  Stories in the Loosely Bound series have been nominated before years ago (we're talking, like, 2002 or 2003), when I was one of maybe two or three people to be nominated in all three genres at the same time; gen, het and slash.  It was a big surprise to have one of those het stories nominated again, but that makes me tri-fictional again!  LOL!

I haven't even looked at that story in years, so when I went to look it over now I was horrified.  Even I can see that my writing has improved some since then.  I don't know if it's kosher, but if that story is going to be brought to public attention again I'm going to go back and do some serious editing.  No plot changes, but fixing some of its GLARING BADNESS!  Just to reduce the cringing embarrassment, you know.

And then, of course, the issue of how my stories rarely fit into established category boxes raises its head again.  The story nominated in the 'Ship' category isn't ship romance, but teamfic action adventure.  Hail Mary is 'Slash', but friendship, not romance.  The way I have to 'pick one' from the drop-down menus to categorize the stories makes me wonder if there will end up being anything else with the same weird mixes.   The Awards Team will have to sort it all out.  Ha! 

So thanks to the folks who nominated my fics, even the one that made me think, WTF? *g*

ETA:  Just finished editing The Things We Do, and it isn't so bad.  Kind of fun, really, and funny.  I'm probably influenced by my total slash emersion to be automatically sceptical of het, but it's actually kind of hot, too.  So happiness.  :)


Doing a little self-congratulatory happy dance! My Harry Potter story Ley Lines was nominated for two awards on the On-line Wizarding Library archive site. Don't expect to win, but I just LOVE being nominated for things! It's especially encouraging because it was my first Harry Potter story. Makes me want to write another, that does. It's nominated for Best Snarry (Snape/Harry) and Best Hurt/Comfort.

The site is:

No need to rush right over and vote.  Really...  *G*

Just finished my first Numb3rs fic, too.  It's in beta but hopefully will be posted soon.

Gotta stop getting into new fandoms!



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