Title: The Long Haul
Author: Joolz
Genre: Slash, Hurt/Comfort, First Time
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,500
Season/Spoilers: Season 3-ish, no major spoilers
Summary: John’s slipping away, but Rodney’s not about to let him go.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] winter_elf (tearfall), who bid generously in the Sweet Charity Auction. Prompts used: H/C, John hurt, blood, first time
Sincere gratitude to [personal profile] ladyra and [personal profile] tenaya for all their help getting this into shape!
Disclaimer: Not my lovely characters, just playing with them.
Warnings: non-graphic m/m, ubiquitous Monty Python references
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( Mar. 27th, 2008 07:57 am)
Dear f-list,

Would anyone be willing to beta a short SGA story for me?  It's only 3,000 words, a fairly light John/Rodney h/c first time (R rated, max) that was written for my Sweet Charity winner?  Your offer of help will be much appreciated!

Title: The Importance of Being Rodney
Author: Joolz
Category: Slash, Challenge, First Time, Farce
Pairing: John/Rodney, other
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,500
Season/Spoilers: Season 2, no spoilers
Author Website:  StoryGate
Notes: Written for the [profile] reel_sga live journal challenge, this story is inspired by the 1952 film “The Importance of Being Earnest”, based on the play by Oscar Wilde, which is a witty comedy of assumed identities and true love in a Victorian setting. This one works out a bit differently. *g* I’m no Oscar Wilde, but I hope it’s entertaining.
Thanks to my wonderful beta [personal profile] ladyra for her help with this story.
Summary: John wants Rodney to be himself.
Disclaimer: Not my lovely characters, just playing with them.
Warnings: Silliness

Title: The Lost Colony
Author: Joolz
Category: Gen, Crossover, Drama, H/C
Pairing: None
Word count: 26,000
Rating: R for some violence and brief nudity
Season/Spoilers: SGA – 2nd-ish, no spoilers / Numb3rs – 2nd-ish, no spoilers
Notes: This is not my usual angst fest (well, there is a little bit). It’s more an enjoyment of some lovely characters and buddy-fic. I want the whole Numb3rs cast to move to Atlantis. There’s just a touch of SG-1 in there as well. Many thanks to valiant betas Lady Ra and Jenn. I take full blame for the final product.
Summary: Stargate Atlantis / Numb3rs crossover. In the Pegasus Galaxy they’ve found a puzzle that only one man can solve. The Eppes brothers go traveling.
Disclaimer: Not my lovely characters, just playing with them.
Warnings: None in particular, past the rating

Since the file is large, the link is to the story on my website.  Please do come back and leave a comment!

Read The Lost Colony

Another Episode Tag of the Grace Under Pressure variety

Link to story on my website

Title: Hail Mary
Author: Joolz
Category: Episode tag, Hurt/Comfort (emotional), Pre-slash
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: PG
Season/ Spoilers: Season 2/ Grace Under Pressure and references to several others in both seasons.
Word Count: about 3,000
Notes: Thanks to Lady Ra for the beta help.
Summary: Not everyone gets McKay.  John hopes that he will.
Disclaimer: Not my lovely characters, just playing with them.
Warnings: none

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( Feb. 13th, 2006 09:04 am)

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And here's my contribution to the Post-The Long Goodbye theme:

Title:  Eye Opener
Author:  Joolz
Category:  Slash, Episode Tag, Established Relationship
Pairing:  Sheppard/McKay
Rating:  PG
Season/Spoilers:  Season 2, The Long Goodbye
Notes:  Just a tag for an otherwise fairly forgettable episode.  Thanks to

[personal profile] ladyra   for the beta help!
Summary:  Weir makes some discoveries in the aftermath of alien possession.
Disclaimer:  Not my lovely characters, just playing with them.
Warnings:  None


Story Here

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( Dec. 6th, 2005 09:33 am)

Hey, I wrote a story!  Not much of one by my standards, just my contribution to the 'nobody's speaking to Rodney post-Trinity' theme.  At this point I'm glad of anything that breaks the dry spell!

Title:  Consequences

Author:  Joolz

Category:  Episode Tag, Slash, Established Relationship, Friendship

Pairing: Rodney/John

Rating:  PG-13

Season/Spoilers:  Season 2/ Spoilers for Trinity

Synopsis:  He may be the only one, but Ronon’s still speaking to Rodney.

Archive:  StoryGate, Area 52, Wraithbait

Notes:  Gratuitous Rodney/Ronon bonding.  Thanks to Lady Ra for the beta.

Disclaimer:  Not my lovely characters, just playing with them.

Warnings:  None