In case anyone hadn't heard about this, it's the BBC show John Barrowman did looking for a scientific explanation for why he's gay.  I was skeptical at first, but it is in fact awesome.  Trust him not to be involved with anything that isn't!

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Thank you for posting this. I just finished it and it was a wonderful show.

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You're welcome! No definitive scientific results, but I liked how it was as much about John's questions as the science. The music was good, too! *g*

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Very interesting. By the things John found out 1 of my 4 siblings [including] me should be gay. But, I am bi so maybe it is me? I truly don't care. I just found it fascinating. THanx so much for posting this.

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I know too many people who don't fit any of the tests he looked at, and finding a 'why' doesn't matter to me personally, but it *was* fascinating. And John is just the cutest thing ever!

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