I was just noticing that one of the local theaters has all six screens filled with genre films:  The Dark Knight, Hellboy II, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Mummy, Space Chimp (??), and Wall-E.  The theater down the street has X-files and Hancock as well.  We'd better be careful, we're starting to look mainstream!  LOL

From: [identity profile] dwolf34.livejournal.com

Oh, no! Not mainstream! I'm a rebel! A rebel, I tell ya'! LOL!

From: [identity profile] joolz01.livejournal.com

At least those of us who will *admit* to being SciFi fans are still in the minority. There must be more out there who don't know that they are. (Or are in the closet.) *g*

From: [identity profile] dwolf34.livejournal.com

You have to feel sorry for the closet Sci Fi fans. So sad for them. I'll bravely wear my X-Men tee shirt and Doctor Who scarf anywhere. I am a Sci Fi Geek, I am!

LOL! I'm just happy there are plenty of closet fans who read!

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